Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I got a lovely blog award from MNG of  I'm Not Skinny, So What? (She is super awesome so go check her out!)

Seven things about me in no particular order........

1. I am a very passive person, unless its about my kids. Then a big mama bear comes out!!!
2. I'm a jeans and t-shirt type gal. No dresses or skirts for me.
3. I know its strange given number 2, but I love playing with makeup and nail polish.
4. I love to do crafts with the kiddies. Bring on the big glittery messes!
5. I also enjoy reading. I'm a nerd I know.
6. Some of my favorite TV shows..... Greys, Private Practice,Dexter,Weeds,Teen Mom,CSI, reruns of Friends
7. My little man just moved from the crib to the big boy bed. So proud of him. A little sad since its my last baby.

I think every one I know has received this award at least once. So I wont keep passing it to the same people. If I find someone that hasn't gotten it Ill pass it along and update the blog.


mNg said...

You so deserve this! I tried not passing this to people who have already gotten it too but that doesn't mean I like them any less :) Thanks for playing along!

Amanda T. said... Hi Karen! I tagged you again..hahaha.

Snarky P said...

You've been tagged for some fun!!

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