Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby talk-Little man 16 months old

My littlest man is 16 months old. The last baby aweee!! I was comparing him to the other two when they were his age. He doesnt talk as much as they did. I wonder if its because they talk for him? Whats the avarage number of words babies that age say? My oldest was a talker. He said all kinds of words at that age. The next one was a little less but still quite a bit. Hmmmm who knows. I am sure its diffrent across the board.

Things the little mas says

1. ball
2. baby
3. bath
5. dade (dadddyyy)
6. kota (short version of his brothers name)
7. mar mar (nickname for the dog)
8. efg (the only part of the alphabet he sings)
9. boo
10. dog