Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I want I want I want I want

Having three little kids I hear the phrase I want a lot. Mom I want. But, mom I just want. Please mom I want. Sometimes there is an added whine with it. Or the added puppy dog look. Mom wants too but she never gets to tell anybody about it. As a mom I know that wants are wants and that needs come first. Then when there is a little extra for wants it usually goes to the kiddies. It makes you feel good to give them something a little extra every now and then, and its totally OK to sacrifice your wants for theirs. Well virtual world, I know you get it so I can tell you my wants without feeling bad. 

Mommy wants

I want to be able to catch all those important memories of the kids,family,and friends. My camera just wont record long enough. I want to make those memories last forever!

My three little ones can make a mess. Our vacuum is more than a few years old. You have to go over and over and over it again to get it to suck anything up. It takes forever to vacuum. I am a mom of three, I don't have time to waste.

I have had three kids back to back (ages 4,3,1). My weight has gone up and down. After the last one I have worked my butt off to get rid of all the extra baby weight. Yea medium shirts and size 7 jeans!!!!We aren't having any more kids so the weight will stay off. I am tired of wearing my old baggy clothes. It doesn't make you feel or look good to wear clothes that don't fit.  This want may just move to the need section soon.

Mom wants, mom wants, mom wants! Its OK that these probably wont happen, but its OK to dream right?