Monday, July 19, 2010

Coffee, computer, and telling the truth oh my!

Coffee beans spilling from coffee cup, close-up

Some lessons you learn the hard way. I usually start my mornings with a cup of coffee. Yes, I love me some coffee in the mornings. Its how I survive.

Two mornings ago, I was drinking my cup of coffee while I was reading some blogs. Yes, I was drinking coffee next to my laptop (the only computer in the house). In the blink of an eye, my cup of coffee knocked over , spilling over my lovely lap top. I think I said SHIT out loud grabbed towels in a hurry and was trying to save my lap top.

My four year old son came over to see what was going on. I tried explaining to him that mom was cleaning a mess. Please stay back. I love you, mom is mad at herself not you. Please stay back until the mess is cleaned. My son said, Is dad going to be mad? Are you in big trouble? In my head I was thing ya dad is going to be mad and am in huge freaking trouble. I told him that sometimes accidents happen and that it might make some people upset but they will understand that sometimes accidents happen.

I kept cleaning and drying out the laptop. After I was all done and the laptop was put away in hope that it might kind of work again someday. My son came back to me and sat on my lap and asked, Mom are you going to tell dad the truth? How did my four year old even come up with this? I told him that it is always the best to tell the truth no matter what.

My husband was really understanding! Thank God! Guess what I am using to write my blog post? My laptop. Its not completely fried like I thought. The keys are a little sticky and the screen has this weird mark on it, but it works. Yea!  It is still usable.

Lesson learned: Do NOT drink coffee by the laptop


Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGosh I've done this but when I was at work to a telephone operator connected to my phone. Let's just say I thankfully didn't have to pay the $1000 for a new one but I wasn't allowed coffee in my office again ... UGH.

Doesn't it amaze you how smart they are? It shows you how good you're doing :)

Momma Such said...

So glad you are still able to use your laptop! How sweet of your son. Sounds like he is a smart little cookie. :)

Christine said...

You aren't's a cautionary tale! Kids are so funny, they pick up stuff from you that you don't realize. Sounds like your little guy is picking up some good stuff! Found you on FFF...

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