Monday, June 21, 2010

Teething Tips

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My lil man has been teething a lot lately. Right now he's getting those fang ones in. Boy, oh boy , has he been a screamfest. Every parent goes through teething with their monsters. We all do different things to try and help them get through it a little easier. I though I'd share a few of my things that I do for teething. You never know when you come across something new that might help that you never thought of. My lil man is one so these ideas are more for that age group.

1. Frozen waffles/Frozen bagels -Lil man loves theses. The cold helps soothe the pain. It takes awhile for him to eat it ,which means he's happy and entertained for awhile.
2. Cold wash rags- Not one of my lil mans favorites but different stuff works for different babies. They chew on it and the cold makes them feel better. Lil man gets bored with it fast. We try and make a game of it to make it last longer. For example pretend we are brushing our teeth with it.
3.Teething tabs/Tylenol/Motrin- No explanation needed. To be used only when really needed and the correct dose as directed from your pediatrician.
4. Massage it -This one is hard no matter the age. If they let you, massage the area they are getting the tooth in at.

What are your teething tips?


An Imperfect New Momma said...

We do the rag too but monkey man gets bored with it real quick. We use tyelenol but not that much cause it doesnt seem to help. Most times I just let him chomp on the plastic teething rings that we got as a present. He hates the ones that you put in the fridge. I think I'll try the frozen bagel one next. Thanks for that tip!

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