Monday, June 28, 2010

Crazy mama

Since I had to start all over blogging, and now I have new readers I figured I should tell you a little more about myself. It wont be just bla bla stuff. I will put a few interesting things in there too.
1. I have three monsters under five, a husband, a dog, and work opposite shift as hunny-yes I'm always very busy
2. I love to read
3.I used to hate pink until I was prego with my daughter then everything changed-weird right
4. I can't cook very good, but I am awsome at baking
5. I love eyeshadow-weird cheap obsession so if you want to give me names to try please do
6. When I was a teen I dyed my hair a lot-some normal, some not so normal like green pink blue
7. I want to learn to dance
8.I am insecure about my body- what mom isn't right. I want a boob job but that's a whole other post
9. I LOVE Mexican food
10. I have three tattoos
Thats enough of me for now. If you have a post about you send me the link or tell me something about yourself


Momma Such said...

This is great b/c I have learned some things about you that I didn't know. I am weird about always having to have mascara on. I feel naked without it...seriously!

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